Rhinoplasty – Nose reshaping

The Surgery is performed to reshape the nose and is one of the most frequent surgical procedures and it is performed to develop the outer look and internal breathing, which has been a result of birth deformity and genetic influences.

Nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and shape of the nose. Since the nose is the most important part of the face, a slight modification can greatly improve one’s look.

Rhinoplasty Techniques & Indications

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This procedure can:

•           Transform the shape and size of your nose
•           Removal of unnecessary swelling
•           Change the figure of the tip of your nose
•           Thin or enlarge the thickness of your nostrils.
•           Get better proportion
•           Alter the angle connecting your nose and upper lip


Incisions are regularly made on the inside of the nose, even though external excisions may be necessary to create the nostrils smaller. Nasal surgical procedure is generally executed under general anaesthesia. A small transmit will be applied on the nose for the seven days and the majority of the swelling will be disappeared at point in time when the cast is detached. 80 percent of the puffiness should be enhanced at 6 weeks, 90 percent int three months and 95 percent in 6 months. The final cosmetic outcome is not attained until one year after the procedure when the skin membrane has improved to its new structure.


  • Spots may appear on your skin’s surface These red spots are usually temporary.
  • The scars will be on the inside of the nose
  • In 5 % of cases, the enduring needs to have added minor surgery to correct a slight defect.
  • Some patients may also have unnecessary postoperative bleeding.


  • The results of a rhinoplasty procedure can last a lifetime.
  • Trouble with breathing can be rectified in the same time.
  • Surgery Time would approximately be 1-2 hours
  • Back to work in one week
  • Small cuts hidden inside the nose