Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a surgical procedure now a very general  and very common process of reshaping the male chest; take away the excessive development of “male breasts”. Male Breast Reduction is a very serious concern in men of all age groups is the growth of big breasts that obtain the look of a female breast. Loss of confidence and self esteem.(regarding appearance of chest)

Angels has been taking care of Male Breast reduction referred as gynecomastia for several years and has executed this method several times. The male breast reduction surgical procedure primarily involves a standard liposuction using the technique of liposculpture. Angel’s cosmetic clinic is proficient to complete removal of thick breast tissue that lies beneath the nipple. If required, then we will make a small opening at the lower edge of the nipple and take away the unnecessary glandular breast tissue. The tissue is sent to pathology for examination.


First we will mark the regions on your chest for the male breast reduction. Tumescent fluids are infused into the marked  areas, earlier to suction is carried out. This fluid contain  saline solution, local anaesthetic and adrenaline the term “tumescent” in fact refers to the “turgid” condition of the tissues into which the result has been penetrated. The fatty tissue of the male breast is primarily condensed by executing a Tumescent Liposuction of the breast. The glandular tissue might be there in about half of the enduring and is detached by making a small opening about 2cm next to the lower border of the nipple tissue.

Ideal Candidates for gynecomastia:

  • If you have a moderate to huge amount of fatty tissue on your chest
  • Men who are looking for perfection and manly look.
  • Physically healthy and practical in your potential, you may be a good candidate.

Male Breast Reduction Results:

Most men are happy with the results attained through the surgical modification. The result of the surgical procedure is to give you a manly looking chest.