Liposuctionis an alternative to eliminate smaller to larger bulges that won’t shunt themselves and to perk up your body contour. The area’s most usually treated comprise the hips, tummy, arms,thighs,chest,breasts and buttocks. Lipo is not only to contour your body but also a weight loss method.Who can be an ideal Candidate for Lipo?

An ideal candidate for lipo should have pragmatic outlook about the results of the course of action as well as these essential traits as stated below:
• Standard or only to some extent above-average weight
• Rigid, stretchy skin
• In good overall health
• Age is usually not a chief contemplation when discussing liposuction; nevertheless, older patients often have less suppleness in their skin and thus may not accomplish the same remuneration of a liposuction procedure that a younger candidate with tighter skin might reach.


What Do I Need To Know Before Undergoing Liposuction?

The primary step before undergoing lipo will be to organize a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon at angel’s cosmetic surgery. During the discussion, your surgeon will talk about which options are unsurpassed for you, your skin type, the efficiency and safety of the course of action, the potential monetary cost, and what your outlook should be. Do not vacillate to ask our surgeon any questions you may have. Now is not the occasion to be inhibited.

Once you have determined to go through lipo, our surgeon will give you any directives you will need to put in order for the surgical procedure. This may comprise nutritional guidelines any medication to be avoided or to be taken. Be sure to tell the doctor of any allergies you have as well as any and all medications you are taking and any previous surgical history. This includes over-the-counter and treatment medications as well as herbal add-on and so on


How Is Liposuction Done?

Depending on the kind of Lipo you are undergoing, the procedure may be performed as an day care procedure our surgical center which is based out in Banjara Hills, or if huge amounts of fat  needs to be removed, the course of action will be done at the hospital itself and may necessitate an overnight stay.Before the process begins you will be given an anesthetic. Again, depending on the amount of fat being distanced and the type of liposuction being performed, anesthesia varies. It may only be locally applied or you may require a general application in which case the surgical procedure will be done while you are sleeping.Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the liposuction method is performed using a  power assisted suction device attached to a small, stainless steel instrument called a cannula. Through small slit’s, the cannula is inserted into fatty areas sandwiched between skin and muscle where it eliminates excess fat using a suction pump. This outcome in a smoother and improved body contour. The period of the course of action will vary with the quantity of fat that needs that removal.


Types of Liposuction

There are a couple of poles apart techniques that can be used during lipo. These include:

Tumescent liposuction. During this method, the surgeon will introduce a solution into your fatty areas before the fat is detached. It is made up of a brackish solution, a mild sedative and epinephrine, a drug that bonds your blood vessels. The solution not only facilitates the surgeon to eliminate the fat more easily but it helps diminish the blood loss and provides pain relief during and after surgery.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction(Vaser Liposuction). During ultrasound-assisted liposuction, ultrasonic energy is used to dissolve the fat, after which it is aloofed from the body.The results of the lipo are generally peramanent subject to if you follow the surgeon guidelines and ensure that you have a healthy diet with proper workout.For more information about the liposuction procedures we welcome you to call out health experts or walk in directly to our health centre.


Liposuction cost depends on the below factors:-

  • Fat Intensity
  • Areas that need be treated
  • Surgical Profile of the candidate who want to undergo the lipo
  • The number of hours spent by the surgeon in the operation
  • The demographic area where you want to undergo the liposuction.(For example a liposuction surgical procedure   in USA/UK /Middle East  would be much expensive than a lipo in India)
  • The surgeons experience .(Do look for a board certified surgeon before you plan for a lipo)

The most common areas people opt to undergo lipo count with tummy,thighs,hands and chest .In some cases people do opt for whole body liposuction. The amount of fat that needs to be removed from the body depends on the surgical profile of the candidate if the person is surgically fit we can remove 5-8% of the current body weight of the candidate. Many people have a doubt concerning the financial aspects for that we recommend you to make up a visit to our clinic so that we can discuss your expectations from the surgery. Once the liposuction is done we recommend you to wear the compression garments and follow the diet as suggested by the surgeon. Regular exercise would ensure that the fat does not accumulate once again.Liposuction is a day care procedure and we recommend a stay of at least 10 -12 hours post surgery in order to ensure better prospects post surgery.

Notes: Removing too much fat from the fat during the first session is not recommended. Can plan for separate sessions for (upper body/lower body) for a safe and complications free surgery and best results.