IAL Theraphy

IAL Treatment(skin tightening,anti ageing, skin hydration)

IAL is a most modern skin rejuvenating medical treatment, which supports your skin to redevelop naturally. A sequence of minute insertion of a particular formulated hyaluronic acid  solution  is controlled by our expert practitioner.  Using minute injections the IAL system can allocate itself efficiently across an outsized area of skin.  This will increase the Fibroblast Activity, which are drawn in the manufacture of collagen and elastin to tighten the skin up from inside.


The IAL treatment is self-possessed from a shape of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found in different parts of the body and skin. Within the skin it is essential to renovate and has a purpose in sustain cell function. It has a work of art much like solution, it fills up the  elastic and collagen, permitting necessary material to go by the pelt cells, and performing as a shielding alleviate for skin cells. Hyaluronic acid manufacture is worn-out by disclosure to Ultra Violet rays and naturally moderate with age. This reduction is a factor in getting old , skin elasticity is reduced which tend to the development of wrinkles. The IAL treatment motivates the skin to naturally hydrate. Hyaluronic Acid Increases Fibroblast Activity which is essential for creating collagen, elasticity, and maintaining the mold of the skin. It promotes blood vessel enlargement which tend to augment in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skins mold, and it guards the skin from radicals which are extremely harmful to the skin cells. The result is a detectable development of the skin appears younger, improved, and refilled in tone and hydration.

What parts of the body IAL treatment can be performed?

  • Cheek
  • Eye lid
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Hands