Face Lift


Anaesthesia                              local
Duration of operation               90 mins
Hospital Stay                            Day care procedure
Recovery                                  10 daysAbout face liftIn the ageing process skin stretches and overload under the influence of gravity loss. Facelift surgical procedure can lift up the drooping face and neck and present a young looking face. This surgical procedure is generally requested after 40 years of age group.With ageing process the facial skin loses its nature and texture resulting in several noticeable wrinkles on the face and neck. The facial skin can be made tighter along with the tightening of the original muscles and also the neck. The results of facelift surgical procedure last for at least a decade.Procedure(MACS LIFT)Hidden incision is made in the anterior margin of the ear. Skin in excess of the chin is lifted up from original muscles, dragged backwards and upwards and overload skin is cut out and sutured. Original muscles are made tighter and liposuction of below cheek area may be carried out. Subsequent surgery, incisions  scars are hidden and rarely noticed.

Face Lift Risks:

Positively, major difficulties from facelifts are unbalanced. Every year, thousands of customers undertake successful facelift surgical procedure and are happy with the results. Anybody who wants to think about surgery should be conscious of both the benefits and risks. There are some difficulties like hematoma and reactions to anesthesia.

Face Lift Recovery:

It is necessary to recognize that the total of time it takes to get recovered from facelift surgeries as differs from one  person to the other. Doctor may also advise you to use ice packs at regular intervals.

Results of Facelift

The consequences of your facelift may be fragile or impressive, depending on your external prior to the surgical procedure as well as the accurate goals that you and your plastic surgeon have known.