Breast Reduction

Breast reduction

Large breasts are heavy, and can cause back pain and neck pain. They might also be responsible for preventive sporting and recreational activities, and clothing selections. A breast reduction surgical procedure presents a chance to increase comfort and for a better appearance.

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure to decrease the size of the breasts and raise the breast to a higher site on the chest partition.

During your discussion with our medical experts will cautiously plan the finest procedure for you the quantity of breast tissue to be detached, where the opening of surgical cuts are to be positioned, and whether the use of liposuction to take away excess fat in the axxillary area .

The surgical procedure is usually executed under a general anesthetic though rarely, sedation and local anesthetic may be used.  Sutures are worn to close the openings, and strip is applied over the suture procession.

We advise for an overnight stay in hospital to give you the best possible surgical outcome.  In some occasions day care surgical procedure may be a choice, but we need the patient to come following day for bandage changes.

Breast Reduction Surgery complications

  • Possible bleeding,
  • Allergic infection.
  • Mild pain for couple of weeks
  • Mild Swelling for couple of weeks
  • Stain will decrease in the first few weeks

Breast Reduction Surgery Risks

  • Chances of everlasting scars,
  • Slightly incompatible breasts
  • Breast-feeding may not be feasible.

Brest Reduction Surgery Results

Breast Reduction Surgery gives everlasting outcome receptive to hormonal changes, weight changes, and pregnancy.