Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation offers the chance to get a better shape and have the benefits of enhanced self-confidence and quality of life. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure in which implants are used to augment the size of the breasts. The surgical procedure creates a more curved shape.Technique-small hidden skin crease incision in the axilla is used to place the implant behind the pectoralis major muscle sparing the breast tissue to enhance the required shape. No visible scars normal feel of the breast. Increase the size of the breast to the requirement of the patientThe size of implants differ in size from 150 cubic centimeters to 650 cubic centimetersand in shape round or tear drop and  implants substance is made up of silicone gel and in shell smooth or textured. The implant may be positioned exactly  below the pectoralis muscle of the upper body wall.During your discussion with our medical experts, they will assist you choose on the finest. The procedure is usually executed under a general anesthetic even though rarely, sedation and local anesthetic may be used. Surgery can be carried out as a day care surgical procedure or an overnight stay.The length or amount of the implant to be worn will depend on few key factors

  • Depends on skin membrane of the existing breasts.
  • Any drooping of the breasts
  • Higher body or the chest dimension
  • Quantity present in the breast tissue
  • Blood tests, a baseline mammogram of your breasts and additional examination for anesthesia  and also  pre-surgical assessment and plan.

After Surgery

  •  Absorbable sutures, no sutures to be removed
  • No difficulty in breast feeding and one can lead standard personal life after that.
  • Can be Back to work in 5-7 days.
  • A supporter is fitted on the day after surgery
  • Tough exercises should be avoided for 3- 4 weeks